Why Its So Important To Move With a Professional and Trusted Moving Company

Not long ago the Feds shut down several south Florida moving companies for extortion and bad business practices.  Now you might ask yourself, what does a moving company have to do to get shut down by the feds?  Well those legends and horror stories have some truth to them in regards to corrupt moving companies holding your stuff for ransom.  This is one more reason to go with a well known Miami moving company or a reputable south Florida moving company.

Be safe and smart, go with a moving company affiliated with a major van lines such as A-1 Fargo Moving and Storage, an agent for Atlas Van Lines.  Companies like A-1 Fargo have higher standards to abide by when compared to small shops that really have no one to answer to.   We have all heard stories of thing like this happening, it’s a good sign to see the government getting involved to protect the consumers.

Rely on A-1 Fargo for a Seamless Long Distance Move

If you need to make a long distance move across Florida or an interstate move to any destination in the United States, rely on the Ft. Lauderdale long distance movers at A-1 Fargo to assist you. A-1 Fargo has been moving families and businesses of all sizes since 1949. Our professionals know the ins-and-outs of the state of Florida and have the network of support necessary to complete long distance moves throughout the country.

Unlike most other Fort Lauderdale long distance moving companies, A-1 Fargo is an interstate agent of Atlas Van Lines. Our status as an Atlas agent means we have the resources to handle moves anywhere in the country.  Wherever we go, there will always be fellow agents there to assist us. Our state-of-the-art moving equipment will further guarantee a successful home or business move.

The Ft. Lauderdale long distance movers at A-1 Fargo can offer you a number of custom services to further ease your relocation. We can offer you full-service or partial packing for specific items, and can build you custom crates to protect high-value artwork, furniture, lab and medical equipment and much more! If you need to store your items during your transition, we have all the space you need in our secure, 24/7 – monitored facilities.

Don’t delay, and get in contact with A-1 Fargo now. Our team is waiting to hear how they can simplify your long distance move.

Professional Miami Gardens Moving Companies, Picking the Right One

Choosing a moving company is more difficult that you might think at first glance.  They will be the ones responsible for moving each and every piece of your belongings from your home to your new home.  To ensure everything gets to your new home in once piece regardless if you’re moving a mile or 10,000 miles.  Having a professional Miami Gardens mover is a key part to a successful move.

As local movers in Miami Gardens, you can expect the highest quality of service and a friendly staff.  Each move is looked at individually and we do a free in home estimate to give you the most accurate estimate possible to avoid any surprises down the road.  This is a big part of what separates us from the rest as many ‘other’ movers will use the estimate to low ball it so they can bait and switch.  This practice is very unethical.

Our long distance movers in Miami Gardens are second to none.  Our highly trained and experienced move coordinators will work with you every step of the way and even provide online tracking of your move.   We provide free in homes instances that are binding prices in some instances.

Moving From Miami to New York

Interstate moves can be very complex as you need to be aware of the laws for the state you are moving too but also any states you have to go through to get there.  For this reason it is very common for people to hire a professional Miami interstate moving company like A-1 Fargo and agent for Atlas Van Lines.  Being an agent for a major van lines such as Atlas Van Lines means more than just having credibility of a major organization.  It also means increased logistical support and capabilities enabling the moving company to handle any size move – from the small moves to the largest residential moves.  The moving crews are also held to strict standards set forth by the Van Lines, which other moving companies do not have to abide by training requirements.  What that means is that with these ‘other’ companies are going to more likely to not handle your belongings properly.

One very popular moving destination is New York.  Over the past several years we have seen a notice able amount of FL to NY moves and have become very efficient at handling these moves. In contrast there are also quite a few moves that are coming from New York to Florida.

Go with a trusted name, and with a company that has been around for over 50 years.  Give A-1 Fargo Van & Storage of Miami, FL a call today to speak to one of our moving consultants.

Our Coral Gables Intrastate Movers Make Your Transition Seamless

If you’re moving to or from Coral Gables and within Florida, look no further than the Coral Gables intrastate movers at A-1 Fargo to meet all of your household moving and storage needs. A-1 Fargo has been in business since 1944, and since then, we’ve helped thousands of Florida residents make seamless transitions to start off the next chapters of their lives successfully!

No matter the size of your move, or what services you require, one of our dedicated Move Coordinators will be happy to assist you from start-to-finish as you move within Florida. Your Coordinator will work with you to provide a custom moving experience from the time you receive your quote until after we’ve unloaded your final box. Some of the benefits of relying on A-1 Fargo over other Coral Gables intrastate moving companies include:

  • Member of AMSA

A-1 Fargo is a member of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), which means we follow the strictest moving procedures to ensure quality service.

  • Secure Storage

Our facilities are climate-controlled for the safe storage of even your most sensitive electronics. With 24/7 video surveillance and fire protections, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your items are protected day and night.

  • Specialized Movers

Our Coral Gables intrastate movers are qualified to transport everything from pianos to fine art. No item is too delicate or high-value for us to move!

Don’t delay, and contact A-1 Fargo today with your every Florida moving need. Our experts will happily customize your move to your exact specifications.

Miami Shores Household Moving Companies

Being a professional Miami Shores household moving company, A-1 Fargo has been making the moving process for Miami area residents as easy as moving can be.  Having a full staff of experienced moving experts we know how to properly plan and execute any move size.  The moving process starts with an in homes estimate from our experienced moving coordinator.  An in homes estimate is really beneficial to the individual that is moving.  It gives them a realistic and accurate estimate for how much their move will cost.

From small moves to the largest moves, A-1 Fargo can handle any size residential moves with ease.   In addition to being able to handle any size move, we can also handle any distance move.  We have the logistic capabilities to handle local moves, long distance moves, interstate moves, intrastate moves,  and even international moves.

Moving During the Holidays

Moving during the holidays can be extremely stressful.  The holidays alone as with moving are two very stressful things by themselves, but when you combine them it gets to be overwhelming quickly.  This is one reason that the holiday season is a particular slower time for most moving companies.  Though, the moving process can be made not stressful at all.   Just a full service Miami moving company like A-1 Fargo Van & Storage, and they will take all the stress out of moving.  Being full service is exactly as it sounds.  If you like they can do everything packing to unpacking all of your belongings leaving you with nothing to do except call them and give them the details.  A-1 Fargo even does 100% free in home estimates that require no obligation, but will give you a realistic estimate for your move.

Don’t Abandon Ship: Learn How You Can Make You’re Move Easier

miami storage crateYou’re trapped, drowning. Everything around you—boxes and papers and clothes and furniture—is suffocating you until you can’t breathe. You wake up in shock and sigh. It was just a dream. You realize you aren’t drowning, “Nope, I’m just moving.”

You might be safe from suffocating during your moving process but drowning in your belongings is definitely something you’re going to approach down the road. But don’t fret. There’s a lifeboat close by to pull you out of all the clutter. You’re rescuers name? Storage.

The real question, though, is how’s storage going to solve your problems?

Well, are you moving out a little earlier than you planned? Utilizing Miami household storage is the easiest way to keep your things safe, secure, and out of the way while you wait to move into your new home.

Or are you simply crowded by all the items you have to move? Storing just your personal documents and paperwork is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure that your important papers don’t get lost in all the chaos.

Maybe you’re just moving far. You have a college student, you are a college student, or you’re relocating to a new home or office. In any case, if you’re buying new furniture for your new place that happens to be a thousand miles away, shipping these items to a storage unit nearby removes the hassle of moving it from your current household where you just don’t have room.

Whatever your reason for moving might be, taking advantage of coral gables household storage will let you enjoy the beauty of unchartered waters rather than drown in them.

The Best Florida Packing Services

Moving is a busy time for everyone involved, whether your move is residential or commercial! You might not be qualified to pack bulkier or more specialized items, or perhaps you just don’t have the hours of extra time required. Don’t fret any longer, and trust A-1 Fargo to provide the Miami packing services you deserve!

Our movers are highly trained and can offer the full-service packing and custom crating solutions you need. We’ll pack efficiently and deliver your items safely, in the same condition as they were before you called us!  No matter how bulky or delicate your items are, we can pack them with ease. Our Miami moving company packing services include even the most fragile items, such as:

  • Pianos
  • Fine Art
  • Medical/Laboratory Equipment
  • Computers/IT Moving

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful when you choose A-1 Fargo for all your packing and moving needs! Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with the best custom service ever!